September 12, 2023

4 ways going green can also help the bottom line


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In the business world, sustainability has always been a nice-to-do. But increasingly, it’s a must-do if companies want to keep a competitive edge.

In the business world, sustainability has always been a nice-to-do. But increasingly, it’s a must-do if companies want to keep a competitive edge.

That’s because it turns out that going green is a smart way to save green for your company. In fact, sustainability can reduce costs and improve operating profits by up to 60%, according to McKinsey & Company.

Sustainability also matters more than ever to consumers. New data shows that 64% of Americans say protecting the environment should be a top priority. That’s on par with strengthening the economy, which 67% of Americans say is important. This is based on findings from the Pew Research Center—which points out this is the first time sustainability has been ranked so high by the public.

The good news is going green has never been easier in Carlsbad. So in celebration of Earth Month, here are three quick ways you can get started:

1. Close that Dumpster.

Every business needs water in order to operate. Protecting this limited resource is something we should all care about.

But many businesses may not realize they might be polluting our water every time it rains. When rainwater—or runoff—washes over toxic things like garbage Dumpster and machinery, it picks up pollutants, which are eventually washed into our lagoons and ocean.

There are some easy ways to prevent it. For starters, make sure Dumpsters stay closed. Don’t dump anything down your outdoor drains, either. And make sure equipment is stored inside or covered. If you’d like more ideas, visit the business resources page of our Watershed Protection Program. If you have more questions or need any more help, reach out to us at

2. Compost that coffee filter.

Organic waste makes up nearly half of everything sent to landfills. As it decomposes, organic waste produces methane gas, which is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide and very harmful to the environment.

That’s why as of July 2022, a new state law says that all Carlsbad residents and business owners should be composting their grass clippings, food scraps and other organic materials. This includes all the paper products that are a part of office life—like pizza boxes, takeout carriers and coffee filters.

If you need an office kitchen caddy, call Republic Services at 760-332-6464 or send an email to If you have any further questions about composting, call 442-339-2646 or send an email to

3. Skip the recycling bag.

About 20% of what is put into the blue recycling bins is not recyclable—including those plastic trash bags. Everything in the recycling bin should be tossed directly into the blue bin, with no bags.

As a refresher, here’s what you can put in the recycling bin:

Plastics: Look on the bottom of containers for a number inside the recycling arrows and recycle plastics numbered 1 through 7

Metal cans, aluminum foil: Recycle all food and beverage metal cans – steel, tin, bi-metal and aluminum Cardboard, newspaper and magazines: You can also include newspaper inserts, catalogs, paperback books, phone books and brochures

Paper food containers: Recycle food boxes including juice boxes, egg, ice cream and milk cartons, and cereal and pasta boxes

Paper: Recycle envelopes, office paper, junk mail, greeting cards and file folders; paper must not be food soiled

4. Go ‘officially’ green.

Here at the City of Carlsbad, sustainability remains a top priority. And we’re committed to helping our local businesses go green with us. That’s why we launched the Green Business Program,

This free program is designed to help Carlsbad businesses operate sustainably—and get some well-deserved public recognition for doing it.

Our Environmental Sustainability team is here to support you through every step of the certification process. The team can meet you where you are, and give you all the tools and recommendations you need to become certified. And there’s state funding available to assist you along the way, too.

To get started, visit our Green Business Program website, or contact Environmental Management Senior Program Manager Katie Hentrich at

We can all contribute to a sustainable Carlsbad, which is truly good for our community, our shared economy and our collective future. We hope you’ll find a few new ways to go green this Earth Month!

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